Hopeful for 2019: Poetry from Tru Vu

If poetry doesn’t touch the heart of your own career journey yet, try these stanzas from the Vietnamese poet Tru Vu:

“Because eyes see the blue sky,
Eyes glisten sky blue.
Because eyes see the vast ocean,
Eyes extend as far as the sea.”

When you contemplate 2019 and your own professional development, or the talent you want for your team, what do your eyes see?

Do your eyes glisten sky blue?

If you look out onto 2019, you will see yourself.

Hiring managers calling you about the offer they just gave you...a great team coming together to tackle enterprise goals...see that in yourself. Because you see that, offers come, teams are built.
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The ONE THING I wish I could tell job seekers

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Usually we reach out to people only when we want something. 

It's natural...it's human behavior.

But, this is what one Fortune 500 recruiter has to say about that:

"If there is one thing I would like to tell folks, it is this: don't just network with me when you want something."

"Sure, you can reach out to me on LinkedIn during recruiting season, but you'll be just one of 1000 other people doing the same thing."

She went on to explain that she definitely has times when she's not busy - when she's bored - and having a conversation would be much better. 

Human behavior is to reach out to people only when we are in dire need or fear for our future, or it's convenient to do so.

Check out this group of job seekers below.

90% of people before this job fair did not reach out to any of these employers. After the job fair, they will not stay in touch. The job fair is probably the only time most of these people think to reach out and introduce themselves.

If you want to discuss a...

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Does "being a CFA" help?

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2018

Focus on the CFA exam or spend time getting a job? 

Do you need a CFA designation? 

For what? 

I spoke about this at a recent CFA Society Presentation: 

There are certain jobs that do require a CFA designation. These are jobs far down the path of the "CFA track". 

The VAST majority of jobs - even on the "CFA track"  DO NOT require you to have a CFA designation.

I joined a top wall street hedge fund without a CFA designation. And I was managing a $300 million portfolio of public equity investments. Sounds like a CFA designation type of job, right? Did I didn't have one to get the job.

So if you think.... but Stuart... I need......
• To pass my Level 1 first
• To pass my Level 2 first 
• To get more experience

You can say it....
But that DOES NOT make it true.

People like to think that study is a good substitute for looking for a job. The result is that during the best times to get a job, our old habits tell us to lock ourselves away and...

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Let's Grab a Coffee in Jan?

Fortune 50 campus recruiter (personally hires 200 people / yr): “If there was one thing I could tell folks, it would be to not just network with me when you want something. Network with me when I am really bored.”

That’s how I’m approaching things with the reindeer.

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Uncategorized Dec 19, 2018


  • Danielle is focused on Business Analytics and sponsorship for H-1B
  • Her first choice is ABC Co. ABC sponsors international students
  • Her second choice XYZ Co. XYZ just gave her an offer (or so she thought...reason for this blog post)  
  • XYZ cuts short her time to decide from 10 days to 1 day
  • She is still waiting to hear back from ABC and now has pressure from XYZ

Danielle: "ABC is my first choice but is taking extra time to let me know their decision. XYZ has already given me an offer, and they want to know an answer right away. What should I do"? 

Question to you the reader: Should she contact ABC firm and ask them to "hurry up"? This is the basic situation Danielle is asking herself (At this point she assumed she really had an offer).

Me: OK this is a good question. Let's gather the facts. 

 When we look deeper we see something else....

This is the exchange: 

It would be ideal if Danielle could hear back from ABC now so she...

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