How To Prepare For An Interview To Be Successful

Want to ace interviews? Do this much:

Dial-in your mindset:

1. Interviews are a form of stage performance. It’s not about you, but how you play the role.
2. There are no perfect candidates. The firm feels you have what it takes to do the job. Let go of stress.

Learn your part:

1. Get into character: Absorb youtube videos, podcasts about this role and the industry.
2.Type out, then speak out responses to behavioral and technical questions. Be natural, not memorized.
3.Brand yourself as a problem-solver, not a job-wanter.

Know your audience:

1. Emphasize what they care about, not what you can get out of this role. Share examples of you getting results of any kind, ideally, the kind sought after in this role.
2. Your questions may make all the difference. Ask questions that reflect research.

Mock interview with an expert

1. Get feedback on the standard interview questions.
2. Tighten up your responses so they reflect short answers, incorporate results with numbers, and flush out...

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Follow the #Stuartsystem and Continue to Get Interviews and Offers!

Following the #Stuartsystem members of #CareerAccelerator continue to get interviews and offers!

Situation: graduate student in Analytics, got interview and eventual offer via applying on School’s Handshake; in the process, former employer not helpful in verifying employment and that caused anxiety for the student.

Work we did: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn mastery, networking, interview prep, communications with the companies before / during / after interviews. Thank you emails and thank you notes. Navigating verification challenges.

Tools used: flexible Career Accelerator online video trainings, 24/7 online community forum, weekly live zoom workshops.

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Stuart System: Teaching to Fish, Not Giving Them Fish

Job hunting and getting 137 / 160 LinkedIn requests accepted. 85% acceptance rate. Good? View of student results using the Stuart System™ as shared in our international student job hunt community. LinkedIn is just one small part.

I have never met an on hireable international student. There are only on hireable ways of thinking and doing.

The Stuart System™ is about teaching somebody to fish, not just giving them a fish (授人以鱼不如授人以渔). Learn how to kick butt now. It is a skill you then have for life.

And I always leave room for my students to impress me.

85% connection right impresses me. You’re considered good if you get above a 40% rate. But we want to be better than good.

This is almost as nice to see as my client who got her Fortune 500 offer and 5-figure monthly salary without even an in person interview. Yeah. I was surprised too.

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Acknowledge the Good That You Already Have

Heard of social media right? It’s media that is social. Have you heard about social interviewing?

It’s interviewing that is social.

Some people call it a coffee chat. It’s also how to generate interviews “on demand”.

80% of jobs are found via networking, The balance requires being really good at face-to-face interaction. People hire people, not resumes.

Yet, for as many people telling me they had a great coffee chat, people say “network doesn’t work“.

At any age, we all have sthg we haven’t done before. Even for an experienced American executive, coffee chats can be “learning how to ride a bicycle“.

The best way I’ve found to help people produce great results is to guide them on exactly what to do and say in the “before during and after”. That just seems the best way to accelerate somebody “learning how to ride the bicycle“.

Maybe you feel your “not there yet “with your job search....

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Summer is Coming and I Want Interviews!

Summer is coming and I want interviews! There are ways to build a constant stream of interviews!’s our mindset / 心态 NOT a lack of anything (skills, GPA, etc) that is to blame.

Do you want interviews for a job but find that you have none scheduled? I have been in those shoes before and it STINKS.

These two profs explain what was happening in my mind at the time, just making the problem worse!

“...not having enough [interviews] can make us so maniacally focused on short-term solutions that we lose sight of our priorities.”

When you’re hungry, it’s hard to think of anything other than .

“Scarcity produces a kind of tunnel vision, and it explains why, when we're in a hole, we often lose sight of long-term priorities and dig ourselves even deeper”

#interviews #面试机会 #saturday #psychology


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[Long interview] How to Network in China AND still land an internship in the US


When people agree to network with you, they're all often offering to extend a helping hand, right? “Here's a young talent here, a developing talent. They want to meet with me and they want to learn. I want to help that. I want to facilitate that learning.” And it, it often helps when you're networking -  and this doesn't matter if you're in China or in the US:  when you're networking it's about the other person, right? It's about learning about the other person at the same time because that person wants to help you. We want to make it easy for that person to help and often the best way to do that is to have a specific ask or a specific request or to have a goal that you can share.

So the, there is one kind of networking which is , “hey, it's great to meet with you. It's, I want to know about the industry” (basic research) and then it's another level to say, ”hey, this is my, this is my five year goal or this is my two year...

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