Follow the #Stuartsystem and Continue to Get Interviews and Offers!

Following the #Stuartsystem members of #CareerAccelerator continue to get interviews and offers!

Situation: graduate student in Analytics, got interview and eventual offer via applying on School’s Handshake; in the process, former employer not helpful in verifying employment and that caused anxiety for the student.

Work we did: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn mastery, networking, interview prep, communications with the companies before / during / after interviews. Thank you emails and thank you notes. Navigating verification challenges.

Tools used: flexible Career Accelerator online video trainings, 24/7 online community forum, weekly live zoom workshops.

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Stuart System: Teaching to Fish, Not Giving Them Fish

Job hunting and getting 137 / 160 LinkedIn requests accepted. 85% acceptance rate. Good? View of student results using the Stuart System™ as shared in our international student job hunt community. LinkedIn is just one small part.

I have never met an on hireable international student. There are only on hireable ways of thinking and doing.

The Stuart System™ is about teaching somebody to fish, not just giving them a fish (授人以鱼不如授人以渔). Learn how to kick butt now. It is a skill you then have for life.

And I always leave room for my students to impress me.

85% connection right impresses me. You’re considered good if you get above a 40% rate. But we want to be better than good.

This is almost as nice to see as my client who got her Fortune 500 offer and 5-figure monthly salary without even an in person interview. Yeah. I was surprised too.

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Just Wanted to Date Anyone?

What if you told your date that you didn’t care WHO you dated. THAT YOU JUST WANTED TO DATE ANYONE. This is the message we send when we apply online and have a really broad search / cast a wide net.

Do the people in this picture really just want to “date anyone“?


They want a job that:

  • Honors what they’ve learned
  • Challenges them to learn more
  • Makes them feel heard
  • Considers them a part of the team.

What is the impression you would like to deposit in the mind of a hiring manager?

  • Focused
  • Dedicated
  • Perfect fit

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Job Hunt: Start Where You Are

As an international talent, no matter where you are in your job hunt, that is where you start. Wherever you are: that’s it. This is the place. It’s now. It’s here.

Han Solo has a quote in Star Wars or maybe it’s the Empire strikes back: “no matter where you go, there you are”. I forget where he said that. But it’s an amazing insight.

A lot of us look at the job search and say: “quite difficult.” We are tempted to wait until conditions are different / better to begin the hunt.

If we want to think of a job search as difficult, then it will be difficult.

If we want to think about it as a growth opportunity, then it will be a growth opportunity.

We might imagine the type of life we have on the job. In that life, we talk to colleagues, we talk to our hiring manager/boss. It’s the future that we want.

And we know the offer opens the door to that day-to-day work life.

The job search is actually probably the best job training out there to...

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Career Accelerator Member: Receiving Multiple Offers

On 13 Dec this client joined Career Accelerator™. At first, they were skeptical, but after seeing the results we were getting asked to join the program.

The goal was to get a great #usoffer. They followed the process, participated in our supportive community, did the work. They saw how they could set a goal and reach it using a predictable process.

Today is 31 January and they are a successful member of our program, receiving multiple full-time offers.

It is my goal for you to land a great job in 6 weeks. Then, stick around if you want to generate additional fall or winter offers. Go you.

#usa #joboffer #futurecpa #career #goals #summer2020 #careeraccelerator

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Snowing Job Offers

What's the weather like over there? It's snowing job offers over here.


With the offer** now comes the negotiation. Internships and entry-level offers can be typically standard/boilerplate. There are areas to negotiate and just having someone to be with you during that process can be very helpful. For experienced people / having some work experience, there is will wiggle room for negotiating a number of things. There is also common sense. Lots of information on the Internet about the dos and don’ts of salary negotiation.

*not the remote kind that you pay for - which is a dangerous thing

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Job Board Algorithms: Are You Trapped by Them?

Job Board Algorithms: Are You Trapped by Them?

Have you given up control and let them trap you?
Here’s how to know.

If you answer yes to:

  • working really hard on the job search, applying to everything online, and that’s all you do
  • not consistently getting interviews
  • hearing “not hire international students” all the time.
  • feel frustrated
  • don’t have coffee chats on a regular basis
  • dream company lists not guiding your actions

Then you know you are trapped.

At any time, you can shift to:

  • get speaking to your dream companies
  • get consistent engagement from dream firms
  • experience growth in confidence, even enjoy the process
  • come out from this process with a great offer

Glad to chat about your situation, your goals, and share some advice via this link:

There is no need to keep doing something that isn’t working.

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