Solid Ground and Learning To Fly

"When you come to the edge of all the light... and are about to step into the darkness of the unknown... is knowing that one of 2 things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on, or you’ll be taught to fly." -- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

To shave weeks, months, even years off or your job hunt is possible.

But it does mean moving into what you don’t yet know.

So how to take a step into the unknown, if it’s going to be such a great thing?

For me, I had to hit the boundary of what I knew about the job hunt. That event appeared as a failure.

That led to asking more questions about how and why I failed, which led me to succeed. I had been taught to fly.

To speed up job hunts, “fail forward” - to be moving in the right direction.

A lot of us work hard (apply online), and get nowhere. It’s a failure, but not in an efficient direction.

We need to move in the right direction.

In what direction are you headed? Can I help you get clarity on...

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ead ead card ead delay Mar 16, 2021

EAD delays were about to CRUSH my client’s job hunt - she was already on her 3rd request to delay her start date! And she had already moved to another state and rented a new place.

Her employer - any employer - in principle is not obligated to accept even one request to delay.

Two areas of advice that can help in this situation.

Pls share like and comment to get this info out:

1) expedite your case by contacting your congress person and make an “expedite request”. Find your congress person here: https://www.govtrack (dot) us/congress/members. Your reason to expedite will be “severe financial loss” - since you have a job but can’t get paid, since you're company has work it needs to do and can't get it done!

2) engage your direct hiring manager in a calm and professional way - ideally via a phone call - and let them know the proactive steps you are taking. HR will be looking to see how your hiring manager wants to proceed, so rather than HR first, hiring...

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Follow the #Stuartsystem and Continue to Get Interviews and Offers!

Following the #Stuartsystem members of #CareerAccelerator continue to get interviews and offers!

Situation: graduate student in Analytics, got interview and eventual offer via applying on School’s Handshake; in the process, former employer not helpful in verifying employment and that caused anxiety for the student.

Work we did: resume, cover letter, LinkedIn mastery, networking, interview prep, communications with the companies before / during / after interviews. Thank you emails and thank you notes. Navigating verification challenges.

Tools used: flexible Career Accelerator online video trainings, 24/7 online community forum, weekly live zoom workshops.

#jstuartbradley #internationalstudents #resume #jobsearch #careercoach #students #interviewing #employment #school #interviews #education

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Stuart System: Teaching to Fish, Not Giving Them Fish

Job hunting and getting 137 / 160 LinkedIn requests accepted. 85% acceptance rate. Good? View of student results using the Stuart System™ as shared in our international student job hunt community. LinkedIn is just one small part.

I have never met an on hireable international student. There are only on hireable ways of thinking and doing.

The Stuart System™ is about teaching somebody to fish, not just giving them a fish (授人以鱼不如授人以渔). Learn how to kick butt now. It is a skill you then have for life.

And I always leave room for my students to impress me.

85% connection right impresses me. You’re considered good if you get above a 40% rate. But we want to be better than good.

This is almost as nice to see as my client who got her Fortune 500 offer and 5-figure monthly salary without even an in person interview. Yeah. I was surprised too.

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Coronavirus Pandemic: What About International Students?

What about international students?

“Typically, students on F-1 visas can only have one online or distance learning class count toward their degrees per semester. ESL students or those on M-1 visas cannot count any remote classes toward their degrees.

“But the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, which is run by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said it recognizes that these are special circumstances.

“As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the program is allowing schools to adapt their procedures around student visas, including temporarily lifting restrictions on distance learning. Schools are required to notify the program about any adaptations within 10 days."

"SEVP is focused on ensuring that nonimmigrant students are able to continue to make normal progress in a full course of study as required by federal regulations," Carissa Cutrell, acting deputy press secretary for ICE public affairs, said in a statement to CNN.”

Source: ...

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Classes Move from Campus to Computers

As an international student, what are you experiencing as universities institute these rules? Where will you be living? How can Universities help? Please post below.

Dear universities: please have a thoughtful plan to accommodate the needs of international students


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Stay Focused on Proof of Concept

For international students without prior US work experience: Do I want you to focus on an offer at [YOUR DREAM FIRM]? YES AND NO. I do want the relevant dream companies relevant to your industry niche on your target list.

But I don’t want that to get you stuck!

I want you to get to “proof of concept” first.

Proof of Concept means getting an offer from a (solid) firm first.

Can you get an offer? One? Start there.

I have seen a singular focus on just one or two or three “dream” firms SINK a job hunt. It can be an obstacle to our job search effort.

There are vast opportunities that lie among many companies. Offers there lead to getting hired laterally into your “dream” firm.

Can we still have dream firms on a list and get an offer? Sure! But not at a cost.

Not at a cost to applying, to generating coffee chats, to attending interviews, to the offer. When I help through all of this, we stay focused on Proof of Concept.

Don’t be afraid to...

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Keep Going Amidst The Situation

These days, each day is a new situation. Things are up in the air. Same for hiring managers, who still need to hear from you. Your chance to help a team and improve a process hasn't changed. Keep Going!

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Inspirational Quote: Impossibilities are Opportunities

Alleged 'impossibilities' are opportunities for our capacities to be stretched.

- Charles R. Swindoll
#motivation #inspiration #OPT #optstem #eadcard #internationalstudents #H1B #success #dream #oppotunity #opportunities #comfortzone #doit #justdoit #possible #impossible #capacity #domore

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