Let Timelines Work In Your Favor

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In my recent podcast episode, I offer valuable insights into timelines and their importance for success, especially for international students. In this post, we will summarize some of the key points shared and provide you with a condensed guide to utilizing timelines effectively.


Timelines: The Backbone of Success for International Students

Understanding Timelines

I open the podcast by addressing the vital role of timelines in achieving success. "Timelines really matter." I encourage listeners to think of them as working for us instead of something we have to chase. In particular, I focus on the importance of visa sponsorship and the H-1B sponsorship deadline as an anchor for planning your journey.


Letting Timelines Work for You

A powerful example from my own experience shows how being aware of deadlines...

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Having Doubts About The Job Hunt

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2023

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In my recent discussion from the comfort of my couch, I dove into one of the most fundamental and often haunting questions we face during a job hunt or any significant pursuit: "Can I do it?" I understand this is a complex and layered question, and I want to share with you some of the insights from our talk.

The conversation began with an understanding of the typical concerns people have during a job search, especially those exploring my 12-week career accelerator program. "Do you think I can do this, Stuart? Can I actually accomplish this thing that I want to do?" It's a question many have asked, and as I told my listeners, my answer will always be "yes."

But why is that?


Living in a Miracle

We're living on a planet, spinning in the middle of nowhere, a place filled with unbelievable things unfolding before us....

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How Expectations Affect Job Hunt Prep

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2023
J. Stuart Bradley MBA, CFA
How Expectations Affect Job Hunt Prep

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Learn To Navigate Expectations as an International Student

As an international student embarking on a job hunt in a foreign country, the process can be both exciting and challenging. However, one crucial aspect that often catches students off guard is managing their expectations. In this blog post, we will explore the topic of expectations and how they can influence your job search journey. We will delve into real-life experiences, including personal anecdotes and stories of other international students, to shed light on the importance of understanding and adapting to the job market's demands.

Expectations vs. Reality: The Job Hunt Dilemma

Imagine you've just completed your studies at a prestigious university and are eagerly looking forward to securing a job offer in your field of expertise. Many international students...

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Best Tips To Get An Internship This Summer As An International Student

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Unleashing Your Potential: Navigating the Job Hunt and Embracing Career Exploration

The summer between years in graduate school is a critical time for students to focus on their career prospects and future goals. However, transitioning from an academic environment to the job market can be challenging and require a different approach.

In this blog post and video, I talk with Dave, a graduate student that raises two questions: how do I get a job? And, how do I find out what I want to do?

International students, you often excel at navigating academic applications, but the job hunt presents a whole new set of challenges. It is crucial to understand the fundamental differences between seeking educational opportunities and searching for employment.

It is common to face challenges in obtaining responses from potential...

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Interviews in 12-24 hrs doing this? YES

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2022

You can start getting interviews in the next 12-24 hours. I'll explain how. For more detailed explanations for your case, join me this Saturday live for the Workshop to Get Interviews NOW.

Get interviews almost instantly

Get interviews just by reading this newsletter? Yes. By taking the action I describe, expect interviews to come in within 12 - 24 hours of taking the action.

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There are 2 things needed to get interviews instantly

First, we need to:

  • redefine what an interview actually is (you’ve been overthinking it). 

Then we need to:

  • Take action. Actually send the messages I describe in my training here.

Ready? let's go!

Interviews - you’ve been overthinking them. 

It can it be easier. How much easier? A lot easier. 

At its most basic, an interview is any 1x1 conversation leading to an introduction to another person. Where can these conversations be found?

Everywhere. You just need to prepare a few lists of people and...

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Job Offers For International Students

What is the best mindset to achieve them?

How to ensure a successful job hunt here in the US as an international student? One place to start is with a successful job hunt mindset. What is the proper mindset? It’s the set of beliefs that you hold about yourself and your job hunt which lead you to having more conversations and less time in front of a computer.

When do job hunting mindset issues arise?

Problems with the mindset arise when you least wish them to, such as even before you start! Your beliefs might be preventing you from starting. Or when you are presented with an opportunity to talk with a hiring manager, instead of confidently introducing yourself, thoughts arise such as, “I'm not supposed to talk to senior people.” Like it or not, we bring a lot of these negative beliefs to the job hunt. Other popular beliefs include, “I'm not able”, or “I'm not prepared” or “My skills are not good enough.” Possible outcomes of job...

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Job Offers Come From Clarity In Your Communication

Make it easy for others to know how we can help them

As we come up into the recruiting season, we need to be able to communicate clearly how we can help other people achieve their goals. And of course, it can be tough when applying online to make that point. We don't even know if people are even looking at our resumes.

How to best be noticed - this is a question of method of the job hunt.

When it comes to getting job offers, our best branding is this: we are there to help address a certain set of solutions that clients or the company needs.

How do we stand out with employers? That occurs when we are able to have impactful conversations. When it's NOT clear how we help a company, or our approach is “we want a job”, that makes things very difficult for the employer.

They’re not going to take time to guess or help you complete your sentences. So even if you're networking with people and they want to be helped, one of the common problems we have is not really being...

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Don’t Self-Reject

Discover what’s possible with a healthy job hunt mindset 

We often run into rejection in our job hunts before we ever start. This is called self-rejection. We see the glass half-full, or efforts to try are likely to be without result, or we feel getting our dream job is out of reach. Maybe we heard someone say something like that about themselves or about you and we adopted that view. 

It’s time to stop this harmful habit of self-rejecting and open up to what the job hunt has to teach us. 

Why change? I know, right? Where we are is usually where we feel comfortable. But on the other hand, where we are now is NOT where we want to go. 

And then there’s the perspective of anyone we talk to: they’ll want to see that we believe that we can, whether we actually can or not. One of my best growth experiences came from believing that I can and finding out that I had much to learn. Would not have learned it if I didn’t feel I could in the...

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Stop Your OPT Clock Easily

international student opt Aug 03, 2022

Knowing this changes everything” - Idia, international student

Let’s talk about stopping the OPT clock. I’m joining you here from my house where the OPT clock is NOT ticking for my students because we have learned how to effectively stop it.

“The OPT clock” is this concept that once you graduate and have declared a OPT start date, you have 90 days to get a job. And if you use that time in your job hunt, and it runs out, you must leave the country.

That 90 day clock is cumulative. This means that if you get a job and use 10 days of the OPT grace period clock in the process for that job hunt, and then you lose that job or finish that job if it’s an internship, you have remaining 80 days to find the next job.

What happens for most international students? They approach graduation and job hunting in sequence - meaning they do one and then the other. They focus exclusively on graduation and grades and let the job hunt slide or wait until the end. They...

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#1 Summer Networking Hack for International Students

Ensure Interviews and Job Offers

Fall recruiting really starts right now - and it’s nearly ending for others, such as for the MBB whose application deadlines are moving up to July.

I know it feels so far in advance of fall recruiting - you probably just started an internship - that few would imagine that the next few weeks of summer will decide what happens over the next six months and into 2023, but that’s the case.

Here we are in the middle of the summer and what's gonna happen very soon is that the interviewers and the HR teams are gonna start closing the application periods for industries such as consulting and banking - or putting together their short lists of people that they will already plan to interview in the fall.

Short lists are informal lists of people who will receive interviews. And the only way to get on a short list is to be using this time now in the summer to reach out to your firms of interest.

Internship or not, summer is the time to be doing your...

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