The Resume That Replenished The Hearts of All

Uncategorized May 13, 2021


My son plays minecraft. That means I do, too, as a dad.

And that means I know that the best healing item in minecrat is an apple surrounded by 8 blocks of gold. 

Now put that resume on a crafting table. What's the best it can become?

The best resume is the one one that wins hearts, not passes ATS screens. And those hearts are won in interview rooms and on zoom screens by how the experience is communcated. 

So we start witht the end goal in mind. We need the equivalent resume sounded by gold blocks. 

Starting with the end goal in mind

When we start with the goal of offers in mind. We immediately zoom in  on results, not skills. Experienced professionals and executives know this. New job seekers need to be told it's all about results and not about skills. 

This has a large impact on how we construct the resume. It means we need a resume built on results.

And when we've got a resume with every bullet point speaking to results, that means we've got...

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Little Mistake That Cost the Entry-Level Job Hunter $120,000

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

The Job Hunt Status Quo

JP got into an average school and was completing an average internship.

He was "on track" with his peers. 

That's great when your peers are headed somehwere great, but on average the results are....well... average. 

The "average" for an international student is to get a diploma and return without work experience. 

JP still had the potential to earn $120,000 as an international student upon graduation, salary and benefits included.

But he didn’t know that, and who he looked to-  his peers-  didn't know that about themselves, either. 

At the moment, he was traveling the path of the status quo. 

As far as he or his peers knew, going to school, working on grades, applying online, this should be ALL he needed to do to get a job. 

 It was like we were back in 1900, thinking that smoking was fine. 

Shifting From The Status Quo

Today we realize that this was wrong, and the consensus view shifted: SMOKING CAUSES...

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Your Morning Routine Decides Your Job Hunt Results


What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

Do you immediately grab your phone and scroll? I definitely have. Whenever I do this, I feel overwhelmed and can’t stop until I have checked all my notifications.

In Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting The Devil, the Devil calls this “drifting”.

Drifting means we are controlled by circumstances outside of our own mind, while thinking that we are still in charge.

Written in 1938, Hill’s book calls out drifting as the main way the Devil keeps people from reaching their potential.

In 2021, that includes scrolling on your phone.

If I do that, I start my day with stress!

Instead, start with a clear head.

Instead of grabbing your phone, take 10 minutes and:

> [Ask yourself] What are you grateful for?

> [Ask yourself] What would make today great?

> [Write] Daily affirmations. I am confident that I can [achieve my #1 goal]

> [Write] 5-10 ideas that come to your mind about how you could achieve...

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Secret to Companies Liking You

resume stuartresume May 11, 2021

People will like your profile and resume when you reverse engineer the process in 4 steps.

Proceed in the following order: 

  1. I want a great offer or offers
  2. I want the interviews that lead to offers
  3. Interviews are granted to those showing a fit with what the company wants
  4. My resume will target the results that the companies want

By reverse engineering this process, we arrive at a THE source of interviews and offers:  a results-oriented presentation.

Even better: your results show an overlap with what the company wants. 

Best: you pick ONE industry and function, so that all work you do adds up. 


For every person who says they have no results, I can find them TEN to be very proud of. 

How would it feel to KNOW you have an amazing resume? 

Want help crafting one? 

Get The #StuartResume™

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What are firms REALLY looking for?

“DO NOT LIE” is permanently posted at the office space of a F500 company. I walk by it every day in my co-working space. 

What does that mean? Why would they say that? 

Honesty has been an issue inside the firm. 

So, what are firms really looking for when they are hiring talent?

They are looking for a certain skill set, but they are ALSO looking for:

     -    Honesty

     -    Attention to detail

     -    Desire to do good work

Not yet employed or have multiple years of experience? You have a lot of things in your favor.

If you have:

#1 The desire to work hard

#2 Hungry for experience

#3 Willing to take on more responsibility 

#4 Easy to be trained

And you can convey honesty.

Then it’s just a matter of reaching out to your dream firm and conveying your interest in helping them. 

If you have any questions, reach out to me via LinkedIn or Facebook. Let’s have a...

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Get a Job In Only 30 Days

What if you only had “30 days” to get a job? Then your career center said this:

We don’t see your experience as relevant.
We don’t see your resume as “good enough”

Crushing, right?

What do we say about this kind of counseling?

Surprisingly, it comes from good intentions - wants the focus to be on doing well in school.

And it’s trying to be honest and “reasonable”: at this frozen moment, OK, the student doesn’t have experience.

At this frozen moment, the student doesn’t have a good enough resume. Fine.

But can this change?
Is the student doomed?

What if she took a step forward?

How might this career counselor handle a situation in THEIR life where things are new, untested, where she wasn’t “ready”?

Maybe it’s a new S.O. or a dream.

Would they offer that same self-talk? Can’t do?

What if from “I can’t” we shift to “I think I can”?

A rush of feelings, many...

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How to handle rejection from a target firm

Sometimes I would have this ONE interview on the calendar, drop everything, and then start acting like this ONE job would work out. When it didn’t, I would have to start over. It felt like my whole body was stuck in molasses and it was hard to get moving again.

Then back to that emotional rollercoaster of applying and getting rejected and trying to network. So unsatisfying! 

In the middle of this same experience, my student Ariel confided, “I will apply to a role, then on purpose I will choose to forget I had applied. That way I could reject the company before they could reject me”.

When things aren’t going well, we have all have these different mental processes going on to help us try to cope. 

Guess what? We’re in luck. We didn’t actually ever get rejected.

We just didn’t yet have our branding figured out yet. Or We just didn’t find the right audience. 

What’s your brand?
Who is your audience? 

My goal for...

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Reasons Why Your Employer did not support your H1B Visa Sponsorship this year

There are 8 reasons why an employer doesn’t support H1B.
7 you CAN influence. Only 1 you can’t. Here they are:
1. The company feels like it’s getting enough American applicants [can’t]
2. The petitioning employer fails to meet the requirements [can]
3. The company feels like you could lose the visa lottery [can]
4. The job does not require specialized knowledge or skills [can]
5. The company doesn’t really understand the process [can]
6. There is an inadequate showing of an employer-employee relationship [can]
7. The company fears that you won’t stay with the company very long [can]
8. Failure to submit a successful request of evidence (RFE) [can]
Moral of the story: You have much more influence than you think.
#H1BVisa #RFE #VisaSponsorship #WorkingInTheUS
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What To Do If You Still Don’t Have an Internship or Job Secured

On finding a job FAST and the many misconceptions about how soon one can find a job…

Some people think that it requires months.

Some consider that “since KPMG has closed recruiting”, then all bets are off and it’s hopeless.

Most people just have such strong “energy” tied up in doing other things and don’t start. Strong study habits tell you to just “plan to take more classes”.

And we don’t know how CLOSE you are to getting a job. Usually, you are just one meeting away!

Even worse, many spend 100s of thousands $$$$ over another 2-7 years to attend a Master’s or PhD just to push the job hunt forward in time -  not because they want to do original research or go deeper into a topic.

Others get bad information! That includes being told by career counselors that you can't do what they want to do. This actually happens!

I’ve prepared a definitive guide on how to get offers fast and posted it on my blog.


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What are shortcuts in the jobhunt?

Uncategorized Apr 28, 2021

Shortcuts: I looked up the definition. Your job hunt can benefit from them. Today in my podcast, I talk about the biggest one...

Most of the time, the best way to gain a shortcut to achieving something is to decide that you want one!

For all early career professionals, this one is well-hidden, but can be used and applied.


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