Has tech been helping or hurting your job hunt?

Another job hunting app is live! Time-saving or soul-crushing? Did you become the zombie online applier? Did you get stuck in the matrix? Here’s what this new app “features”:

1) enter your resume information
2) identify skills and titles of interest
3) see the match scores based on your preference
4) click a button to get an intro to recruiters

Whoops. You’re already toast.

This puts you square in the middle of applying online, with zero people advocating internally for us.

Didn’t see the word hiring manager mentioned - this app stinks!

The contact people on websites will not trust us based on a resume.

They will not be able to override any objections about sponsorship, for example, and may likely be the ones enforcing a no-sponsor policy.

We fall short of advocacy that overrides objections to our status. And that advocacy exists in every firm.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE tools.

I LOVE shortcuts.

But don't be distracted from your goal.

It's those...

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What is good career advice?

When everyone needs a [data scientist], saying you want to do [data science] is not a message anyone can digest.

Firms want THEIR problems solved.

Make it a “no-brainer”.

Brand yourself in a way that shows how you can help them. That means

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Messaging
Cover Letter
Choice of firm and title

All fire in sync.

Someone telling you you just need one piece of this? That’s BS. You need to bring the total package.

You need to build the trust. After all, they’re going to hire you for something you’ve never done before.

It takes a few weeks to master this trust-building system, but there’s a good reason to invest that effort.

It means a 3-6-9-12-month job hunt shrinks down to 4-6weeks.

Sponsorship issues? They disappear. Hung up on your legal status? No one gets stuck on your legal status when you’ve got these things put together.

This doesn’t need to be perfect to start. In...

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If you're thinking “time is running out”, open this.

All of this stuff is going to feel strange. But only as strange as your job hunt is stuck. Job hunt going well? You are doing these things already.

Step #1: orient your message towards giving, not taking.

Everyone needs a "data scientist". Saying you want to do data science falls short.

It’s not a message anyone can digest. That’s taking, not giving.

All the pressure is on others to guess where the fit is.

Instead, make it a “no-brainer”: position yourself as a problem solver - of a specific problem. It’s what the data science post-offer gets paid for. Orient towards giving and solving. Sensitize to the issues people have.

Step #2: Step-up and orient toward human interaction - yeah, do the scary stuff.

Create an ally after you apply, generate trust in the follow-up.

Just another “apply and wait” person? FORGED-A-BOUD-IT!

Don’t require a whole bunch of stuff to happen before you start making real relationships.

Since you’re...

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Graduated. Yay! Now what?

Congrats - you’ve graduated! I can’t wait for what the future holds in store for you!

If you have a job, then you know what is in store. Start date is set. Maybe see the world between now and then!

I chose to geek out after my MBA offer. I joined up with Training The Street prior to starting my full-time job with HSBC.

I got paid to live in NYC, teach modeling at Goldman Sachs, BAML, Morgan Stanley, and, well, geek out!

So, what if you’re still looking, or worse - still looking AND waiting for your EAD card to clear?

It can seem like pulling two long ropes across a great distance, hoping to tie them together.

Here’s what I’ve seen work best: make assumptions to bring positivity and organization to your life now.

Assume the EAD card will come. Don’t let that slow you down.

Prove to yourself you can get an offer.

Even if one offer falls through due to EAD card delay, you’ve got the confidence and momentum to get another.

If you have any...

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[not sexy but] Following up on job applications is key to getting hired!

Uncategorized May 29, 2021

Not so sexy, I know, but super key for getting hired!

Today in the weekly round-up we talk about following up on job applications. Here's the deal: People hire people, not resumes, gpas or school pedigrees.


You can literally get hired whever you want when you embrace this concept. Strategies for following up on applications include 1) following up 2) getting creative and 3) networking. 


The tactics primarily revolve around getting messages sent, getting on calls and building a relationship!


In the videos I talk about detailed scripts and how-to instructions. This is paid content in case you want to implement and master the content.

The links to those are here:

Get Interviews Now: http://bit.ly/getinterviewsnow

Job Offer Messaging: http://bit.ly/joboffermessaging

Happy hunting - let me know how it's going! 

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What If I Had To Start My Job Hunt Completely Over


What if you had to start the job hunt completely over?

Identify the companies you want to work for.

First, ignore if they have open positions.

Create a target company list. Identify the decision-makers.

Create networking opportunities within those companies.

In my new NETWORKING COURSE, we look at the action steps to create great networking opportunities.

No one can hire you unless they know you.

Check it out here https://bit.ly/networking203

Remember, you are just one meeting away!

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What To Do When You See a Job Posted

What to do when you see an attractive job posting? 

Quick breakdown of what to do: 

#1 Apply online

#2 Become a real person through 1x1 live interactions with people in the firm to bring your application to life. 

While doing the reverse (#2 than #1) is still the best, you don’t always get to choose. 

Just don’t wait to hear back -  and still expect your life will change! 

For more information on how to achieve #2 (networking) invite you to check out my networking course explaining what to do: https://bit.ly/networking203.

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PSA: People Hire People, Not Resumes or GPAs

[Ethical use warning: this approach works at any firm. Apply it only where you really want to work]

PSA: Network with the people in the firms where you got a rejection.


Because people hire people, not resumes or GPAs.

Likely you were rejected before anyone got a chance to meet you. You’ve been too quick to give up.

Also, make networking because it enables you to:

A) To learn and practice professional skills

B) To get a referral or interview chance inside the firm

C) To get referrals to people in OTHER firms in the target company or person list

Having a conversation with someone inside your industry or dream company is very valuable, and the rejection doesn’t matter at all.

Go here to learn more https://bit.ly/networking203

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A rejection at a resume submission it’s just a computer rejection

My resume was rejected. What to do now? Quick Y/N quiz reveals if you have what it takes to get that job:

1) Are you willing to help others? [Y/N]

2) Are you willing to work hard? [Y/N]

3) Are you willing to try new things? [Y/N]

4) Are you able to be trained? [Y/N]

5) Are you willing to take on new responsibilities? [Y/N]

If you are at Y for all, YOU are a GREAT CANDIDATE for the role!

So, where to go from here?

Apply the insight that a resume is about what you want. Rather than lead with what YOU want, start generating trust by focusing instead on what THEY want. Get on the phone, on video, in a coffee shop to explore mutual interests.

The shortcut here is to speak directly to the decision-makers on those teams.

A hiring manager with large firms and a top Wall Street fund, I can hope on-call (free) and walk you through exactly what to do for FREE here: https://bit.ly/interviewsandoffers

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Sponsorship is just a policy

Work Visa Sponsorship for international students is a policy and is flexible.

There are no “sponsor-friendly” firms, just firms.

It’s the people that grant the offers and decide policy.

That applies to international students and domestic students.

If you’ve presented yourself as the best fit, the sponsorship policy will be flexible in favor of hiring you.

Ashish won his H1B lottery not by getting the offer by luck, but by making connections, talking to people to start the process.

FAR from perfect = Still getting hired.

Get to where you want to go using my FREE Job Offer Secrets Library: https://bit.ly/joboffersecrets

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