How To Always “Apply and Hear Back” with LinkedIn


Using LinkedIn To Find Your Future Boss

In my Career Accelerator Program, members always apply and “hear back” and network with the right people. Today, I thought it would be helpful to share how we use LinkedIn to achieve that. 

So let's just jump right in and talk about what it takes to see everybody and find everybody on LinkedIn.

What Is The Big Problem On LinkedIn? 

The first thing to address is: what is the problem? Why is there a problem with LinkedIn? 

It’s this: you just see your friends and friends of your friends. 

What's the chance that you're using LinkedIn now and it just so happens that your roommate knows the boss of your dream company or that your friends in your class know the hiring manager and will be the one reviewing your resume? 

Good one, Stuart!

 “What are the chances your roommate already knows your future boss?”

It's impossible, right? 

You need to be able to see beyond your friends and...

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What To Do When You See a Job Posted

What to do when you see an attractive job posting? 

Quick breakdown of what to do: 

#1 Apply online

#2 Become a real person through 1x1 live interactions with people in the firm to bring your application to life. 

While doing the reverse (#2 than #1) is still the best, you don’t always get to choose. 

Just don’t wait to hear back -  and still expect your life will change! 

For more information on how to achieve #2 (networking) invite you to check out my networking course explaining what to do:

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