Handshake Tips & Tricks You Must Know

handshake job hunt linkedin Oct 28, 2021

The Best Job Hunt App For Students

Handshake is an incredible tool for getting a job as a domestic or international student. And you want to make sure you use it.

I thought we could go through a brief run-through of what's in Handshake, how you can use it, and how you can take advantage of it because I think this might be a great way to save some time in your job hunt. 

There are three things that you can find on Handshake:

  • Jobs
  • Events
  • Employers

There are some important menu items there, and then “messages” and “career center.” 

If you have any messages - as you've successfully applied or been invited to an interview - you're going to get a message in the inbox and the career center link is right there. You can jump into your career center any time and use their resources.

Did you know that most people don't take advantage of this platform?

Use Your Interests To Find The Jobs You Want 

Now that you are at your university's Handshake center,...

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How To Always “Apply and Hear Back” with LinkedIn


Using LinkedIn To Find Your Future Boss

In my Career Accelerator Program, members always apply and “hear back” and network with the right people. Today, I thought it would be helpful to share how we use LinkedIn to achieve that. 

So let's just jump right in and talk about what it takes to see everybody and find everybody on LinkedIn.

What Is The Big Problem On LinkedIn? 

The first thing to address is: what is the problem? Why is there a problem with LinkedIn? 

It’s this: you just see your friends and friends of your friends. 

What's the chance that you're using LinkedIn now and it just so happens that your roommate knows the boss of your dream company or that your friends in your class know the hiring manager and will be the one reviewing your resume? 

Good one, Stuart!

 “What are the chances your roommate already knows your future boss?”

It's impossible, right? 

You need to be able to see beyond your friends and...

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How To Use LinkedIn In Your Job Hunt

job hunt linkedin Aug 23, 2021

Ever Felt LinkedIn Failed Your Expectations? Here’s How to Fix That

Delighted to have a moment here to talk about LinkedIn with you and how to use it properly so that you get what you came here for - you get to where you want to go in your job hunt! 

When I look out on the international student space I don't see LinkedIn receiving its highest value. And as a result, people are not empowered in their job hunts. 

Within The Career Accelerator Program -  my flagship training for getting great work experience and getting paid for it - we are all about using tools in the right way to empower our job hunts. 

LinkedIn comes down to this one question: 

“Are you using LinkedIn proactively or as a passive recipient of messages?”

Are you mostly just getting sales pitches?

Ever hesitated to check someone’s LinkedIn page or messaging someone in your dream company? 

That’s what's going on in a lot of the lives of job...

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40-80% Connection Rate with LinkedIn? Yes, These 3 Guidelines

Messaging on LinkedIn is a pain.

Not because messages are hard to write (worse case you can copy/paste from a proven course), but due to the fact that no one can guarantee that your message is accepted. 

Just think about it… you finally get the guts to message strangers, but no one can guarantee requests get accepted.

That often stops us from starting. 

So, I thought it would be fun to analyze successful messsages among my community and see what common characteristics that they have.

That way you can replicate what they are doing and increase the likelihood that your requests are accepted. 

Now for this study, I looked at all the messages my students were sending. 

Here’s what we learned.

We are able to get as high as 80% acceptance rates: 

Amrita was able to get 137/160 = 85.6% acceptance rate using her messages. So, first thing - great reponse rates are possibe! 

It's not personal, if no immediate connection

When you request a call...

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