Having Doubts About The Job Hunt

Uncategorized Aug 08, 2023

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In my recent discussion from the comfort of my couch, I dove into one of the most fundamental and often haunting questions we face during a job hunt or any significant pursuit: "Can I do it?" I understand this is a complex and layered question, and I want to share with you some of the insights from our talk.

The conversation began with an understanding of the typical concerns people have during a job search, especially those exploring my 12-week career accelerator program. "Do you think I can do this, Stuart? Can I actually accomplish this thing that I want to do?" It's a question many have asked, and as I told my listeners, my answer will always be "yes."

But why is that?


Living in a Miracle

We're living on a planet, spinning in the middle of nowhere, a place filled with unbelievable things unfolding before us. In the grand scheme of things, achieving professional goals is possible. When I say, "Anything is possible," I'm acknowledging the potential in each of us. But how do we tap into that potential?


The Internal Struggle

Often, we are our worst enemy, doubting ourselves or allowing the external world to influence our belief in our capabilities. This small voice of doubt can become an obstacle, leading us to believe that what we want to achieve isn't possible.

"Does it help to have faith that you can be successful in your job hunt? Yes, of course, the belief that you can is helpful, but what if you don't have it?" This was a thought that led us into the importance of action over belief.


Action Over Belief

The idea of taking action, even when you don't have full faith that success is possible, became a central theme of our discussion. I believe it's essential to take one step, observe, and then take another. By doing this, you start to learn, get ideas, and build excitement about your path.

"You move from a belief to a conviction when you don't know for sure, it's okay," I explained. The key is to start, even without the perfect alignment of thoughts and beliefs. Just getting started, even when you don't believe yet that it's possible, is a fantastic way to begin.


Embrace the Challenges

Challenges, roadblocks, and stumbling blocks are part of any journey. They are there to make you successful, even though it might sound strange. The idea isn't to get stuck on these obstacles but to introduce yourself to each challenge and work through it. Your main concerns might differ from others, but the approach remains the same.

"Don't let it stop you because like this thought and other thoughts that might be detrimental or uncomfortable, you didn't invite them to come," I advised. The idea is to let those thoughts come and go, not to let them define or hinder your path.


Building the Dream

Whether you're concerned about GPA, sponsorship, or other issues that might cause you to question your abilities, it's crucial to recognize that these thoughts are normal. What's vital is to keep building your dream and explore solutions. Don't be afraid to seek advice, talk with people, and research how to overcome the obstacles in your path.


Final Thoughts

"Can I do it?" is a question that resonates with many of us. In exploring this question, we uncovered the importance of action, the recognition of living in a miraculous world, and the understanding that challenges are part of the path to success.

Remember, the belief that you can is helpful, but what if you don't have it? The answer lies in taking action, exploring, and embracing the journey. You have more potential than you could possibly imagine, so don't let doubt hold you back.

For more insights and advice on how to navigate your career or any pursuit, don't hesitate to reach out or explore more of my thoughts here. Together, we can build the path to success, even when we start with a tiny voice questioning, "Can I do it?" The answer is yes. Let's embark on that journey together.


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