Let Timelines Work In Your Favor

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In my recent podcast episode, I offer valuable insights into timelines and their importance for success, especially for international students. In this post, we will summarize some of the key points shared and provide you with a condensed guide to utilizing timelines effectively.


Timelines: The Backbone of Success for International Students

Understanding Timelines

I open the podcast by addressing the vital role of timelines in achieving success. "Timelines really matter." I encourage listeners to think of them as working for us instead of something we have to chase. In particular, I focus on the importance of visa sponsorship and the H-1B sponsorship deadline as an anchor for planning your journey.


Letting Timelines Work for You

A powerful example from my own experience shows how being aware of deadlines...

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Best Tips To Get An Internship This Summer As An International Student

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Unleashing Your Potential: Navigating the Job Hunt and Embracing Career Exploration

The summer between years in graduate school is a critical time for students to focus on their career prospects and future goals. However, transitioning from an academic environment to the job market can be challenging and require a different approach.

In this blog post and video, I talk with Dave, a graduate student that raises two questions: how do I get a job? And, how do I find out what I want to do?

International students, you often excel at navigating academic applications, but the job hunt presents a whole new set of challenges. It is crucial to understand the fundamental differences between seeking educational opportunities and searching for employment.

It is common to face challenges in obtaining responses from potential...

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Stop Your OPT Clock Easily

international student opt Aug 03, 2022

Knowing this changes everything” - Idia, international student

Let’s talk about stopping the OPT clock. I’m joining you here from my house where the OPT clock is NOT ticking for my students because we have learned how to effectively stop it.

“The OPT clock” is this concept that once you graduate and have declared a OPT start date, you have 90 days to get a job. And if you use that time in your job hunt, and it runs out, you must leave the country.

That 90 day clock is cumulative. This means that if you get a job and use 10 days of the OPT grace period clock in the process for that job hunt, and then you lose that job or finish that job if it’s an internship, you have remaining 80 days to find the next job.

What happens for most international students? They approach graduation and job hunting in sequence - meaning they do one and then the other. They focus exclusively on graduation and grades and let the job hunt slide or wait until the end. They...

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How to suck less in the job hunt

Making it harder to get rejected as an international student

Hey everyone, Stuart here! Are you finding it hard to get a job here in the US, such as an internship using CPT or a full-time offer using OPT? Here are a few tips that are going to make this easier for you - making it harder for you to get rejected!

  • Ariel used this information to gain an $8,000 monthly internship at a Fortune 100 firm just as summer was starting (her story on Youtube).
  • Alvin used what I'm going to be teaching here to get his full-time offer at JP Morgan in New York City, living, living the dream life as it was for him (his story on Youtube)

Tip #1: Stop drawing the wrong conclusion

Concluding that it's too hard to find a job takes you out of the game. Maybe you expected a hard thing to be easy, so you stopped. Let’s say you’ve stopped trying to job hunt at all.  Sometimes stopping to do certain things IS the right move. For example, applying online and hoping to hear back just doesn't...

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PSA: People Hire People, Not Resumes or GPAs

[Ethical use warning: this approach works at any firm. Apply it only where you really want to work]

PSA: Network with the people in the firms where you got a rejection.


Because people hire people, not resumes or GPAs.

Likely you were rejected before anyone got a chance to meet you. You’ve been too quick to give up.

Also, make networking because it enables you to:

A) To learn and practice professional skills

B) To get a referral or interview chance inside the firm

C) To get referrals to people in OTHER firms in the target company or person list

Having a conversation with someone inside your industry or dream company is very valuable, and the rejection doesn’t matter at all.

Go here to learn more https://bit.ly/networking203

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Inspirational Quote: Acceptance

“We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success.” – Arianna Huffington

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Inspirational Quote: Believe in yourself

“Magic is believing in yourself. If you can make that happen, you can make anything happen.” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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