PSA: People Hire People, Not Resumes or GPAs

[Ethical use warning: this approach works at any firm. Apply it only where you really want to work]

PSA: Network with the people in the firms where you got a rejection.


Because people hire people, not resumes or GPAs.

Likely you were rejected before anyone got a chance to meet you. You’ve been too quick to give up.

Also, make networking because it enables you to:

A) To learn and practice professional skills

B) To get a referral or interview chance inside the firm

C) To get referrals to people in OTHER firms in the target company or person list

Having a conversation with someone inside your industry or dream company is very valuable, and the rejection doesn’t matter at all.

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Accepted to a US university. What do I do now?

Are you an international student starting your journey in a US University?

This is what you need to know about getting work experience:

A) Not being in an IVY does not mean poor opportunities

B) Not having an MBA does not mean you are cut from leadership roles

However, your new school has one main goal: to academically prepare you. As a result, you will be swamped.

Your amazing study habits will let academics fill every second of your time in the US until you graduate. It will feel good, even while the chance for actual work experience slips away.

The schools do mean the best for you, but will your habits hold you back?

My advice for new admits?

--Do the majority of your networking before you get to school.
--Get shortlisted for the fall interviews before they even open. Start this now.

Here’s a simple test to know if you’re in a good situation:

It’s Summer of 2021. Thoughts of Fall 2021 may be far off.

Just to be able get onto that plane would feel amazing, just...

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