3 “Secrets” To Make Your Job Hunt Less Stressful


Dealing With Job Hunt Emotions Out Of Control

Emotions are the most tricky thing. They can even prevent someone from applying in the first place! I'm going to talk to you here about a couple of ways that you can avoid the emotional “ups and downs” of the job hunt, or avoid losing control of your emotions and going into a deep depression. 

There have been many times in my job where I have been depressed and just wanted the job search to be over. But, I've also had times where I've been really thrilled with my job hunt and, you know, that's when you get the interview, it's when you get the offer.

I want to talk to you about how to manage this whole process because I've seen it, I've just seen it so many times, and ultimately, it comes down to these three things:

-- Process

-- Brand

-- Focus

Having A Real Process

Applying and then just waiting to hear back it’s the extent of most people's job hunt process. Start seeing your job hunt as a process that YOU bring...

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The Intern With No Prior Experience Is Now Experiencing How The Business Gets Done

How interns learn:

The Managing Director covers the clients and closes the deals “with support from” (“w/s/f”)

The Director, who Executes on the deal W/S/F

The VP, who prepares the strategy and materials W/S/F

The Associate, who drafts the materials and runs the numbers W/S/F

The Analyst, who pulls the numbers and does research W/S/F

Without prior experience, the Intern!

The Intern helps the Analyst, Associate, VP, Director, and MD and gets exposed to ALL of what they do.

That’s how you get an amazing experience starting from scratch!

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What is good career advice?

When everyone needs a [data scientist], saying you want to do [data science] is not a message anyone can digest.

Firms want THEIR problems solved.

Make it a “no-brainer”.

Brand yourself in a way that shows how you can help them. That means

LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Messaging
Cover Letter
Choice of firm and title

All fire in sync.

Someone telling you you just need one piece of this? That’s BS. You need to bring the total package.

You need to build the trust. After all, they’re going to hire you for something you’ve never done before.

It takes a few weeks to master this trust-building system, but there’s a good reason to invest that effort.

It means a 3-6-9-12-month job hunt shrinks down to 4-6weeks.

Sponsorship issues? They disappear. Hung up on your legal status? No one gets stuck on your legal status when you’ve got these things put together.

This doesn’t need to be perfect to start. In...

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A rejection at a resume submission it’s just a computer rejection

My resume was rejected. What to do now? Quick Y/N quiz reveals if you have what it takes to get that job:

1) Are you willing to help others? [Y/N]

2) Are you willing to work hard? [Y/N]

3) Are you willing to try new things? [Y/N]

4) Are you able to be trained? [Y/N]

5) Are you willing to take on new responsibilities? [Y/N]

If you are at Y for all, YOU are a GREAT CANDIDATE for the role!

So, where to go from here?

Apply the insight that a resume is about what you want. Rather than lead with what YOU want, start generating trust by focusing instead on what THEY want. Get on the phone, on video, in a coffee shop to explore mutual interests.

The shortcut here is to speak directly to the decision-makers on those teams.

A hiring manager with large firms and a top Wall Street fund, I can hope on-call (free) and walk you through exactly what to do for FREE here: https://bit.ly/interviewsandoffers

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