A rejection at a resume submission it’s just a computer rejection

My resume was rejected. What to do now? Quick Y/N quiz reveals if you have what it takes to get that job:

1) Are you willing to help others? [Y/N]

2) Are you willing to work hard? [Y/N]

3) Are you willing to try new things? [Y/N]

4) Are you able to be trained? [Y/N]

5) Are you willing to take on new responsibilities? [Y/N]

If you are at Y for all, YOU are a GREAT CANDIDATE for the role!

So, where to go from here?

Apply the insight that a resume is about what you want. Rather than lead with what YOU want, start generating trust by focusing instead on what THEY want. Get on the phone, on video, in a coffee shop to explore mutual interests.

The shortcut here is to speak directly to the decision-makers on those teams.

A hiring manager with large firms and a top Wall Street fund, I can hope on-call (free) and walk you through exactly what to do for FREE here: https://bit.ly/interviewsandoffers

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