#1 Summer Networking Hack for International Students

Ensure Interviews and Job Offers

Fall recruiting really starts right now - and it’s nearly ending for others, such as for the MBB whose application deadlines are moving up to July.

I know it feels so far in advance of fall recruiting - you probably just started an internship - that few would imagine that the next few weeks of summer will decide what happens over the next six months and into 2023, but that’s the case.

Here we are in the middle of the summer and what's gonna happen very soon is that the interviewers and the HR teams are gonna start closing the application periods for industries such as consulting and banking - or putting together their short lists of people that they will already plan to interview in the fall.

Short lists are informal lists of people who will receive interviews. And the only way to get on a short list is to be using this time now in the summer to reach out to your firms of interest.

Internship or not, summer is the time to be doing your...

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Sponsorship is just a policy

Work Visa Sponsorship for international students is a policy and is flexible.

There are no “sponsor-friendly” firms, just firms.

It’s the people that grant the offers and decide policy.

That applies to international students and domestic students.

If you’ve presented yourself as the best fit, the sponsorship policy will be flexible in favor of hiring you.

Ashish won his H1B lottery not by getting the offer by luck, but by making connections, talking to people to start the process.

FAR from perfect = Still getting hired.

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