LinkedIn Request to Connect at ~ 80% Acceptance? It Will Have These 3 Qualities

Are you tired of writing content that doesn't get read?

I decided to do a deep data dive to find all the patterns of Linkedin Connection requests.

So I looked at content that generates at least 40% or more acceptances and found they went up to 80%

And I found a handful of characteristics that you need to follow in order to generate at least ONE networking call every time you sit down to message.

One of them was that you simply ask to connect and not more

Here are TWO more that you need to follow:

Follow them. You'll start getting more results from Linkedin.



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Help from Stuart Bradley

Uncategorized Apr 27, 2021

WHO: Claire

WHAT: Saw her boyfriend get results, so she asked how it works. We had a call to see if it was a fit.

Turned out it was.

HOW: When I said "Now, go grab coffee with the partner of the firm", she asked HOW. We worked on it. Together, we got great results. She's not the same person now. She was coachable.

In her own words:

Hi Friends, I want to give a shout out to Stuart Bradley! With the help of Stuart, I got my dream job in 2020, and I got an offer from my dream school in 2021. I have been hoping to get into Upen's MCIT computer and information master program, but I have zero CS background. Stuart has been coaching me about personal statements and pushing me step out my comfort zone to networking with professors. He also gave me a strong recommendation letter. It is fortunate to join this amazing group! Thank you so much!

Sometimes I think I'm coachable, too. But I know I also have a long way to go. I'm learning to trust others, even in the "zoom era".

Who might you trust to...

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The Definitive Guide to FAST Job Offers

fast job offer Apr 27, 2021


There are many misconceptions about how soon one can find a job. Some people think that it requires months. 

Some consider that “since KPMG has closed recruiting”, then all bets are off and it’s hopeless. 

Or "I've only got a MS" or "I've only got a BA", or "I've got a PhD but no experience". 

The ego will spin many stories to keep YOU at the center of things, even when it's about putting yourself down. 

I’ve prepared a definitive guide with 3 Tips on how to get offers fast.

Getting Hired Fast? Yes, A ‘secret weapon’ is staring you in the face

Just a few years ago, the job hunt was very different. 

Companies hired based on grades or school pedigree, or just based on an alumni connection, with networking always a good thing. 

Companies didn’t yet have so many different channels into which they sold their products, and the range of KPIs measured was limited. 

With the change in sales channels and...

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Who wrote the world's first resume?

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2021

Fun read about the history of resumes and some sage advice from the Dean of Career Services at Barnard College, A-J Aronstein.

The article -->

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Job hunting with late stage cancer.

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2021

I will tell you about the time I did the job hunt while I had late stage cancer and on chemo.

Sept: I was living in Asia and was on a business trip for my employer, a hedge fund, when I noticed a golf-ball sized lump in my armpit.

Back in Beijing, doctors said let's have a look and put me under, took it all out and ran some tests. Turned out to be stage 3B melanoma - skin cancer which had moved to my lymph nodes. As much as could be found was taken out, then the standard regimen was to have chemotherapy.

At the time, I was living in China. No plans to leave. Now, it was time to return to the US. The fund was really supportive.

My son was to be born in a few months. I wanted to do what was best for the whole family.

Staying in Beijing didn't seem right, although I had fully planned to spend my career there. The fund was closing, and anyway I would have to find a new job anyway. And the US may have a good clinical trial.

All career aspirations were let go. I mostly thought about how...

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40-80% Connection Rate with LinkedIn? Yes, These 3 Guidelines

Messaging on LinkedIn is a pain.

Not because messages are hard to write (worse case you can copy/paste from a proven course), but due to the fact that no one can guarantee that your message is accepted. 

Just think about it… you finally get the guts to message strangers, but no one can guarantee requests get accepted.

That often stops us from starting. 

So, I thought it would be fun to analyze successful messsages among my community and see what common characteristics that they have.

That way you can replicate what they are doing and increase the likelihood that your requests are accepted. 

Now for this study, I looked at all the messages my students were sending. 

Here’s what we learned.

We are able to get as high as 80% acceptance rates: 

Amrita was able to get 137/160 = 85.6% acceptance rate using her messages. So, first thing - great reponse rates are possibe! 

It's not personal, if no immediate connection

When you request a call...

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ead ead card ead delay Mar 16, 2021

EAD delays were about to CRUSH my client’s job hunt - she was already on her 3rd request to delay her start date! And she had already moved to another state and rented a new place.

Her employer - any employer - in principle is not obligated to accept even one request to delay.

Two areas of advice that can help in this situation.

Pls share like and comment to get this info out:

1) expedite your case by contacting your congress person and make an “expedite request”. Find your congress person here: https://www.govtrack (dot) us/congress/members. Your reason to expedite will be “severe financial loss” - since you have a job but can’t get paid, since you're company has work it needs to do and can't get it done!

2) engage your direct hiring manager in a calm and professional way - ideally via a phone call - and let them know the proactive steps you are taking. HR will be looking to see how your hiring manager wants to proceed, so rather than HR first, hiring...

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What she's like when you get a job in a different city

What she's like when you take a job in a different city ^^. Ok, these are just actors and this is just a stock image, but I'm telling you: your S.O. is one of the BEST motivations to go out and get a great job.

My whole purpose for grad school was so I could get back to China where my S.O. was. This was the fuel for all of the mistakes I was about to make (T-T). But it was all I needed.

We'll be married for 15 years this month.

Are you thinking about job offers from the same perspective? If so, that can be a wholesome motivation to help you get to where you want to go.

Then, if you value the job hunt as much as academics, you can take advantage of all of the career resources available to you to go out and reach your dream. Your S.O. is waiting!

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Congrats to the champs!

Congrats to the champs! Just had so much fun watching my son play 7 games of ice hockey...all in one weekend. And fun to see them emerge as the champs in their division!

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Inspirational Quote: Be patient

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”― Abraham Lincoln

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