F/U Shaving Weeks or Months Off of a Job Hunt

Recently, I posted about “shaving” weeks or months off of a job hunt.

Someone messaged me back asking what I meant: “Shaving?” she asked?

I can’t imagine what she was thinking.

No, not like shaving a goat.

“Shaving” means saving time. It also means cutting through illusions, installing a professional mindset.

For example, some people think it takes weeks, months, even academic years to get a job. Some think the summer job hunt is “over” since it’s now June, not realizing that internships in July and August are still possible with a bit of efficient messaging and advocating for your own goals.

Are you advocating for your own goals? If you’re not, let’s get you doing that. It’s a habit that strengthens with practice. One way to start is to reach out and ask for the advice you need.

Usually, a call can be quite helpful for this - and I'm happy to find a time.

Just DM me and we can find a time.


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What are firms REALLY looking for?

“DO NOT LIE” is permanently posted at the office space of a F500 company. I walk by it every day in my co-working space. 

What does that mean? Why would they say that? 

Honesty has been an issue inside the firm. 

So, what are firms really looking for when they are hiring talent?

They are looking for a certain skill set, but they are ALSO looking for:

     -    Honesty

     -    Attention to detail

     -    Desire to do good work

Not yet employed or have multiple years of experience? You have a lot of things in your favor.

If you have:

#1 The desire to work hard

#2 Hungry for experience

#3 Willing to take on more responsibility 

#4 Easy to be trained

And you can convey honesty.

Then it’s just a matter of reaching out to your dream firm and conveying your interest in helping them. 

If you have any questions, reach out to me via LinkedIn or Facebook. Let’s have a...

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Reasons Why Your Employer did not support your H1B Visa Sponsorship this year

There are 8 reasons why an employer doesn’t support H1B.
7 you CAN influence. Only 1 you can’t. Here they are:
1. The company feels like it’s getting enough American applicants [can’t]
2. The petitioning employer fails to meet the requirements [can]
3. The company feels like you could lose the visa lottery [can]
4. The job does not require specialized knowledge or skills [can]
5. The company doesn’t really understand the process [can]
6. There is an inadequate showing of an employer-employee relationship [can]
7. The company fears that you won’t stay with the company very long [can]
8. Failure to submit a successful request of evidence (RFE) [can]
Moral of the story: You have much more influence than you think.
#H1BVisa #RFE #VisaSponsorship #WorkingInTheUS
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