Job Offers Come From Clarity In Your Communication

Make it easy for others to know how we can help them

As we come up into the recruiting season, we need to be able to communicate clearly how we can help other people achieve their goals. And of course, it can be tough when applying online to make that point. We don't even know if people are even looking at our resumes.

How to best be noticed - this is a question of method of the job hunt.

When it comes to getting job offers, our best branding is this: we are there to help address a certain set of solutions that clients or the company needs.

How do we stand out with employers? That occurs when we are able to have impactful conversations. When it's NOT clear how we help a company, or our approach is “we want a job”, that makes things very difficult for the employer.

They’re not going to take time to guess or help you complete your sentences. So even if you're networking with people and they want to be helped, one of the common problems we have is not really being...

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Hacks For Those Hard-To-Get Job Offers


A Blackstone Client Experience

I wanted to talk to you for a moment about how to get into those harder to get into firms, and one of those that comes to mind is Blackstone

Recently, I had a student go from zero prior finance experience into Blackstone, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about what that experience is like. If you are interested at some point in moving into one of those kinds of secretive or challenging firms you might find this useful. 

When exploring companies of interest, I always like to develop a target company list - a target list of companies. Ask yourself, where do you want to work? Having that focus is super important and will help you get into these harder to get into firms.

Researching a Company

Let’s look at Blackstone. What we always want to do when we first take a look at a company is going to their website, and when you jump into the website, you see across the top a number of different things that you could research. 


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Get a Job In Only 30 Days

What if you only had “30 days” to get a job? Then your career center said this:

We don’t see your experience as relevant.
We don’t see your resume as “good enough”

Crushing, right?

What do we say about this kind of counseling?

Surprisingly, it comes from good intentions - wants the focus to be on doing well in school.

And it’s trying to be honest and “reasonable”: at this frozen moment, OK, the student doesn’t have experience.

At this frozen moment, the student doesn’t have a good enough resume. Fine.

But can this change?
Is the student doomed?

What if she took a step forward?

How might this career counselor handle a situation in THEIR life where things are new, untested, where she wasn’t “ready”?

Maybe it’s a new S.O. or a dream.

Would they offer that same self-talk? Can’t do?

What if from “I can’t” we shift to “I think I can”?

A rush of feelings, many...

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Snowing Job Offers

What's the weather like over there? It's snowing job offers over here.


With the offer** now comes the negotiation. Internships and entry-level offers can be typically standard/boilerplate. There are areas to negotiate and just having someone to be with you during that process can be very helpful. For experienced people / having some work experience, there is will wiggle room for negotiating a number of things. There is also common sense. Lots of information on the Internet about the dos and don’ts of salary negotiation.

*not the remote kind that you pay for - which is a dangerous thing

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