Job Offers Come From Clarity In Your Communication

Make it easy for others to know how we can help them

As we come up into the recruiting season, we need to be able to communicate clearly how we can help other people achieve their goals. And of course, it can be tough when applying online to make that point. We don't even know if people are even looking at our resumes.

How to best be noticed - this is a question of method of the job hunt.

When it comes to getting job offers, our best branding is this: we are there to help address a certain set of solutions that clients or the company needs.

How do we stand out with employers? That occurs when we are able to have impactful conversations. When it's NOT clear how we help a company, or our approach is “we want a job”, that makes things very difficult for the employer.

They’re not going to take time to guess or help you complete your sentences. So even if you're networking with people and they want to be helped, one of the common problems we have is not really being clear about what kind of help we want or how we want to help others.

I have a client with whom we first worked on his short term goals, his internships, and now we're working on his full-time job. And a couple months ago he received an email from somebody saying, “well, it's great that you want to do analytics and machine learning, but what specifically do you want to do? Saying that you want to do analytics is like saying, ‘ hi, I'm a good person.’”

So in this, in this job hunt ahead, what message are you going to share with people? Can you customize your message to suit your audience? In business, we call this “nicheing” (pron: neesh-ing) or nicheing where we have a very clear statement of what we do for people. If we’re clear about how we help, then people can find us and we can serve them. In my case, I help international students get interviews and offers with their dream firms. Through coaching, we can get that outcome without worrying about sponsorship or how to get it done, or if we’re not feeling ready. I offer that result through my 12 week career accelerator program.

But for you in your job now, realize that teams are different and they have different goals. The business process outsourcing unit of a big tech firm is different than the content creation or product development units, right?

So when you go into these conversations be aware of the message that we're bringing because 99% of people in the job hunts are not having progress because they're out there with a branding or a message, which is, “I want a job. I want sponsorship, please help me.”

And that does not fall on sympathetic ears with employers. Employers are not open to that kind of messaging.

Firms don’t need to worry about finding talent. There are people who ARE out there taking the time to understand what the companies want and positioning themselves as a solution.

So if, if we had to make one shift in our job hunt to make more progress, it would be this: making it simple for people to understand how we can help them by branding ourselves as a problem solver for their specific problem.

Knowing that we want to brand ourselves as problem solvers, then going and doing the work of finding out okay, for my dream firms, what problems do they have - this is the standard to set for yourself. It does not matter at the moment whether or not you actually can solve the problem.

Through that branding and research, which is the initial standard for my 12-week career accelerator program, we can go from having no experience or no awareness of what companies actually want to getting hired.

Becoming clear about what these companies want and need, and then building that into our presentation of ourselves, into our resumes, cover letters or networking calls - this is the way.


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