Researching Companies Is A Critical Part Of Winning A Job Offer

Researching companies is a critical part of winning a job offer.

There are many ways to do it, but this is my approach to it:

#1 Talk to current and old employees

#2 Get familiar with their values and mission statement

#3 Research the projects they are working on

Number #3 is critical.

Companies want people that can solve their problems. By researching their projects you can familiarize yourself with what they need and you can position yourself to be the SOLUTION -- and get hired!

Companies love to see that you've done your homework!

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For college students looking to get hired

Here’s the main thing: Don’t force firms to connect the dots between your GPA and how you can help them.

Firms will hire you when they see you ALSO want results that THEY want. It’s really just that simple.

I wouldn’t even call this a shortcut. It’s bigger. How else can I say it? It’s arbitrage - free money! Result without risk.

Shift out of the GPA focus and start caring about what your dream firms care about.

I’m skipping over some steps here: networking, interviews, cover letters, resumes. But this is the ONE thing that everyone seems to be missing, and may be the only thing you’re missing.

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