Don’t Self-Reject

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We often run into rejection in our job hunts before we ever start. This is called self-rejection. We see the glass half-full, or efforts to try are likely to be without result, or we feel getting our dream job is out of reach. Maybe we heard someone say something like that about themselves or about you and we adopted that view. 

It’s time to stop this harmful habit of self-rejecting and open up to what the job hunt has to teach us. 

Why change? I know, right? Where we are is usually where we feel comfortable. But on the other hand, where we are now is NOT where we want to go. 

And then there’s the perspective of anyone we talk to: they’ll want to see that we believe that we can, whether we actually can or not. One of my best growth experiences came from believing that I can and finding out that I had much to learn. Would not have learned it if I didn’t feel I could in the...

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Can You Turn A Rejection Into A Job Offer?

Can you turn a rejection into a job offer? 


How? By staying in touch. 

How do you stay in touch? It can be as simple as an update on your job hunt progress to the hiring manager who rejected you. 

The main place to begin this work is not in how to craft an update note, however. 

The main place to start is not taking any rejection as a rejection of YOU. 

People often view rejections as the end of a transaction with a company. A rejection of the whole person. This is the same thing as saying “your ego got in the way and screwed things up.”

An interview gives you the chance to get in front of someone and create a connection.

If you completely cut ties with those people, you lose all of the progress you made!

Instead, add those people to your network. Send them regular updates. 

Working to stay in touch, keeping them in your network: these actions lead to future opportunities.

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