Valentines Day: Job Hunting and Dating

On #ValentinesDay, it helps to see the connection between #jobhunting and #dating.

The month of May / internship season / graduation is ~ 50 business days away.

It is an exciting time!

You want the results to come quickly.

So, what is the best way to achieve that?

See the connection between job-hunting and dating.

Let’s imagine you go out with someone on a first date and they tell you:

“I don’t care who I date, actually. I just want to date anyone. ”

How would you feel if you heard that?

Not good, right?

The same holds true in the job search.

If we just “want a job”, we are not positioning ourself for success.

Think about the fit. Think about how to convey you are a good fit.

Without experience, the biggest reasons to hire us are:

hungry to learn
eager to make a difference
easy to be trained.

But, if we don’t become sensitive to the goals of the company, if we don’t position ourselves as a problem solver, we still send the same weak...

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Just Wanted to Date Anyone?

What if you told your date that you didn’t care WHO you dated. THAT YOU JUST WANTED TO DATE ANYONE. This is the message we send when we apply online and have a really broad search / cast a wide net.

Do the people in this picture really just want to “date anyone“?


They want a job that:

  • Honors what they’ve learned
  • Challenges them to learn more
  • Makes them feel heard
  • Considers them a part of the team.

What is the impression you would like to deposit in the mind of a hiring manager?

  • Focused
  • Dedicated
  • Perfect fit

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