Valentines Day: Job Hunting and Dating

On #ValentinesDay, it helps to see the connection between #jobhunting and #dating.

The month of May / internship season / graduation is ~ 50 business days away.

It is an exciting time!

You want the results to come quickly.

So, what is the best way to achieve that?

See the connection between job-hunting and dating.

Let’s imagine you go out with someone on a first date and they tell you:

“I don’t care who I date, actually. I just want to date anyone. ”

How would you feel if you heard that?

Not good, right?

The same holds true in the job search.

If we just “want a job”, we are not positioning ourself for success.

Think about the fit. Think about how to convey you are a good fit.

Without experience, the biggest reasons to hire us are:

hungry to learn
eager to make a difference
easy to be trained.

But, if we don’t become sensitive to the goals of the company, if we don’t position ourselves as a problem solver, we still send the same weak message!

Do job hunters really just want to “date anyone“?


They want a job that:

✅Challenges them
✅Makes them feel part of a team
✅ Adds brand-name experience.

What is the impression you would like to make?

Here are some ideas:

The Perfect fit

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