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Apollo Management, Goldman Sachs MD referrals... What I’m like when one of the members of #CareerAccelerator follows my #Stuartsystem, gets amazing #referrals and then drags their feet on following up:

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There are TWO KINDS of job referrals. Which one is best?

referrals Apr 22, 2019

Hey, we're getting "off the cuff"  with me, Stuart Bradley. Do you know that there is a secret language spoken by hiring and HR professionals about referrals?

Yeah, we're going to talk about referrals and we're going to talk about the things that are unspoken about referrals. And if.... and if you're not hearing it and you're going to and you're in the dark, you're going to be looking for a long time. Let us change that.

There are two kinds of referrals and this is something that no one's ever going to tell you, but I will. There are two kinds of referrals. The first one is a referral from a senior director or "senior" person in an organization. The second referral comes from a "junior" person. So somebody who's below director level. So we think about what senior and one junior. Let's take a look at that for a sec.

All right. We got in the typical organization: analysts, associates, specialists... then we go onto say directors or vice or vice presidents, then two senior vice...

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