Everybody Has to Start Somewhere

If George Hood can hold a plank for +8 hours (and he did), what is every international student now on North American soil capable of? Here’s a thing in common between a physical feat and getting a job: It’s this experience of improving. It’s that experience that I curate for my students each day within The Career Accelerator Program - that great feeling. Job hunting is no longer that depressing thing!

Afraid to start? Here is what George says:

"Everybody has to start somewhere," Hood said.

"Every tree that's planted has roots. Once that tree is planted and those roots start to grow, whether it be 30 seconds or a minute or 5 minutes or an hour (of holding a plank), you start repeating the process and taking care of your tree, it will grow and you will improve and you will actually get better."

If your roots are planted in quicksand [online applications] they won’t sprout and grow. Find something more solid. Find a community in a dependable process. Then...

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