Freedom: Better than Good Chocolate

A career accelerator touring a chocolate factory today, I was thinking as always about how to help international students find success. How does a piece of chocolate candy end up tasting so good? Why do I chose that candy over another? And why do firms choose one candidate over another even when “Yes, needs sponsorship”.

Harvard’s Michael Porter has an explanation. He defines competitive advantage as layers of different individual things done well.

When it comes to the job search, that’s the #resume done well, networking done well,
#interviewing done well - layer-upon-layer, moving in sync, making that candidate the most desirable.

When training international students to be successful in getting jobs, we must teach to achieve competitive advantage, not to just one thing. Every “one thing” has to become amazing.

That has to be the standard.

In the case of networking, helping with #networking means teaching what to say, when to...

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