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Job hunting and getting 137 / 160 LinkedIn requests accepted. 85% acceptance rate. Good? Real-time view of my student results using the Stuart System™ as shared in our international student job hunt community. LinkedIn is just one small part.

I like focusing on coaching efforts on international students:

  1. because I was one myself and
  2. because of the lack of time, culture gaps and desire for outstanding results (that brought them to the US, to begin with) call for a system. Mine is the Stuart System™.

I have never met an un-hireable international student. There are only un-hireable ways of thinking and doing.

Stuart System™ is about teaching somebody to fish, not just giving them a fish (授人以鱼不如授人以渔). Learn how to kick butt now. It is a skill you then have for life.

I always leave room for my students to impress me.

85% connection right impresses me. You’re considered good if you get above a 40% rate. But we want to be better than good.

This is almost as nice...

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