How To Get Hired Easily


Why you shouldn’t be afraid of meeting people on the job hunt

The excitement of meeting new people has got to be probably the thing that makes work-life interesting.

Finding new friends and colleagues should be easy, so what is it about reaching out to new people that is so scary when we know that's what we want to do anyway? 

You need to change your mind from: 

“Hey, no one would reach out to me or be willing to contact me.”

>>> TOWARDS >>> 

“Now I'm going to change my mind and try something new.”

It’s time to change your mind on this! 

One of the aspects of the StuartSystem is that all of my courses are focused on us generating our own job hunt data -  not being so quick to believe this or that negative thought which data won’t support. 

Let's go out and collect some data that really matters - like having a sequence of messages that you can depend on to start networking or following up! 

From that, we can work the percentage at each stage of our interactions with people This way gives you predictability in your job hunt and in your cold messaging. 

“Changing your mind. Believing that you can do it starts getting you results.”

People hire people, not resumes, not GPA's, no legal status. There is no such thing as a company that only hires domestic students or things like that. 

I repeat - people hire people, not resumes or GPAs. That means that showing up as a person, getting to know people is a fundamental component of being successful in your career.

When it comes down to it, the things that make the job hunt hard or easy are not the things that distinguish analytics from consulting or banking. It’s what's common to all the job hunts - the communication skills - that are the challenge. 

Learning how to position yourself and develop a focus. That informs your branding. Then move toward marketing yourself, and promoting yourself in the market by reaching out. 

That's all related to this fundamental concept that people hire people. 

If you are nervous about reaching out to people or you're shy about it, just remember that this is the fundamental thing. This is the biggest thing that you could do to make progress in your job hunt. And it's not just about your alumni, it's all people. Everywhere there are people who want to help other people.

The higher and higher levels of executive success that you go, the more willing they are to help, because the more they have seen they've been in the trenches, they've been in those battles. They know that at the end of the day, the greatest thing that they can do is to serve. 

“When you show up and look for mentorship or guidance, people are going to be willing to help you.”

Then the question is, can you use that opportunity wisely? Can you really capitalize on that? On that conversation? Can you do your homework? Can you get what you want to get or need to get out of those calls so that they can effectively help you? 

Just wanting to help you is not the same thing as helping you in an effective way -  in the way that you need.

At this time, I have a couple of trainings that are really well suited towards taking steps towards reaching out to people and connecting with them. One is called Job Offer Messaging and the other is the Networking 203 course - which introduces networking and the logistics and process for setting up a networking meeting. 

Those two go really well together, and then if you wanted to also add in, Get Interviews Now, and my Stuart Resume course.

I also have special programs for which include monthly live mentoring from me. 

The opportunity here is not to just develop a series of messaging templates, but to actually execute on them and put your best foot forward - the best resume, the best scripts, the best way to follow up from those networking meetings. If you have live training with me every month, you'll be on a path to engage with many great firms and people.


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