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About your coach, Stuart:

$300 million hedge fund assets managed
$9 billion operational assets managed 
40,000 employees managed in portfolio firms
Director, Top 10 hedge fund
Head of Asia, Scottrade

Founded public tech company (AMEX:SNT)

Wharton, MBA

Princeton, BA

Get Interviews NOW for less than $1/day

StuartSystem™  is the continous (green) power source for your career development. Here are the LIVE trainings options.

At any level of support, Stuart shares the System  to help you get interviews and offers even if you're just beginning.

What Stuart teaches is good for fresh grads and MDs alike.- DJ Kamat, AI and ML Engineer

I recommend his method to you guys. He's a kind coach. I hope you can join! Ariel, Supply Chain

I recommend working with Stuart. He's been in our shoes! - Brendan, Valuation

Want an exact path?

This is how to START

  • What job hunt strategies work the fastest?

  • How hear back every time I apply?

  • How do you create interviews with predictability?

  • Which job hunt methods  should I avoid?

  •  How to network?

  • How to get strong referrals? 

  • Should I apply online? When? 

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  • DAY 1 Unlocked IMMEDIATELY: A NEW YOU - BRANDING FOR OFFERS to fast-track interview generation ($782 value)
  • Day 2 UNLOCKED: MARKETING YOURSELF  ($697 value)
  • Day 3: UNLOCKED:  INTERVIEWS ON DEMAND. Pivotal training on the workflow of how to network ($1,297 value)
  • Day 4 UNLOCKED: INTERVIEWS AND OFFERS ($1,697 value)


  1. You get me, experienced global executive and hiring manager LIVE every week teaching you my latest strategies ($1,000 value)
  2. After 30 days, you get a FREE private 1x1 coaching call to get interviews and offers ($250 value)
  3. Special courses on career fairs, networking and online applying ($582 value).
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Following the roadmap:

  • You will get interviews

  • You will get referrals

  • Firms will hire YOU

  • Execs will network with you 

  • Personal brand to match aspirations

  • Optimize resume

  • Generate interviews "on-demand"

  • Access the "$100,000 job offer grid"

  • Perform even better in interviews

  • IMMEDIATELY UNLOCKED: Past months of Live Trainings and bonuses ($582 value)

  • Special Access and Discounts for 1x1 private trainings

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  • Career Accelerator™ Online with StuartSystem™, a 12-week online intensive to generate top internships and full-time offers, even without experience, network or strong resume ($6,997 value)
  • SPECIAL BONUS training: How to Generate Referrals the Professional Way.  This EXTRA course is my most advanced referral training.  You can FINALLY learn the special code language needed, the training on tone you've been missing and how to request referrals so that you don't lose any opportunities and create offers that were never posted ($3,997 value)

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  • Bringing ease, peace, freedom, and white space to your life & job hunt