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Step-by-step I will walk you through:

  • The mindset that gets interviews
  • Finalized resume structure
  • All bullet points PERFECT
  • STORIES to share in interviews. Done!
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You are...

high-performing. You want the best resume to market yourself to your dream firms. 





Imagine If...

You had a resume training that inspired you to achieve more than you thought possible. 


$40,000 scholarship, internship + full-time offer using StuartResume


From remote PTA work to a full-time offer w/ sponsorship

The truth is:

People hire people. not resumes or GPAs. 

We need a resume strategy that works.

Get noticed

Start with the end in mind. Not to produce a resume, but to get noticed and invited to interview


New confidence

You'll fell great about what you produce in this course

Ideal structure

Ignore the noise and get the one structure that works best



Easily targeted to each app

Targeting your resume to each application becomes easy

Results: your new foundation

We'll dig deep and craft bullet points that show results



Mastery of your story

Crafting great stories that showcase your fit. Done!

How the training works:

We take 5-min short "video sprints" to master a concept, then apply it to your resume. 

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I'm hiring manager and career coach Stuart Bradley

As an international student, I stuggled a lot

About me

I felt lost as a job hunter. When I figured it out, I advanced to the top of my field. Now I want to give back and share. 

In grad school, the job hunt was hard!

Now I teach the job hunt to others.

I figured it out and climbed to the top of my field.

How resumes become great

✅ Learn how to prepare a great resume

✅ Reverse-engineer your interviews back to today


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  • Break-free of out-dated resume templates
  • Discover REAL results you didn't think you had 
  • "Results-by-action-taken" bullet-point construction 
  • Accomplishment Statements 
  • Full training on building Accomplishment Stories 
  • Resume insights from my time at Goldman Sachs, UBS, Hedge Funds
  • Positive mindset coaching included
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