Zones of Comfort

Where are you and your job search now in this chart? Applying online is within the “Comfort Zone”. Getting the offer is at the “Growth Zone”.

In between, we have following up on applications, networking and generating interviews; getting better at each is in the “Learning Zone”.

The good news is that any failure you’ve experienced is a success - success in seeing how certain approaches didn’t work until now.

The other good news is that there still is enough time and there are still many companies out there.

We want to work with professionals and bosses in a fun office.

If we avoid meeting potential professionals and bosses to make that happen, we know the Fear Zone is still stopping us.

A lot of times it’s NOT the lack of willingness to move beyond the comfort zone but just not knowing how.

Rather than cater to your fear (remote internships or “trainings” that allow one to stay in your dorm and speak to no one do that), travel on the straight white line and let’s get a great (real) offer.

I developed Career Accelerator™ so we could travel on this white line together and realize your growth and build your career!

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