You're Not Stuck

As international students, we work really really hard. If you are a job seeker now, this quote above has special relevance: the GPA, the long hours of study, those things that got you to where you are now: those are exactly the things you have to loosen up about if you want to make progress.

It’s a hard thing to give up because traditionally “education” has been one thing about human fate that was deemed to be controllable when everything else was my last fixed according to ancient wisdom.

Today, a perfect GPA alone will do nothing to get you hired. Technology has made applying so easy, your perfect resume is lost in the noise.

Even if it gets found, who cares? Are you also supported by a solid referral? Do you understand the problems of the company and have suggestions on how to solve them?

In the past, when we kept our heads down and worked hard in class good things happened. There was a grace and a certainty associated with that that was so comforting.

This does not mean that getting a job is hard at all. Getting a job and generate interviews is easy if you take the right approach. Don’t look for reasons outside of yourself to convince yourself otherwise. It’s easy. We just need to do the work and take the right steps.

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