No Barrier!

🙇“It’s difficult for an international student”: not true - it’s hard for us all alike

🤦‍♀️“My English is not good enough”: but here you are speaking to me in great English and reading it as well.

🤷🏼‍♂️“Most companies won’t sponsor”: not true, they just won’t sponsor your resume. Go out and meet people.

🙅🏽‍♀️“It’s too hard to network”: Let us review what is your goal: talk to colleagues and bosses all day and get paid. THAT Sounds like you you ARE interested in networking, in meeting potential colleagues and bosses now. What holds you back?

💁🏻“I tried and failed”: good. Did that stop you from learning how to ride a bicycle?

🤦🏻“I am not getting interviews”: This happens when applying online and hoping to hear back. I know we’ve been told to do that but that is not how the job hunt works. You’ve been trapped by the algorithm!

“Career center says it's impossible”: they are wrong. Career centers care about % placement. % placement increases when you go back home, so it’s easy to just say “give up”. And they are not prepared to really invest in you, so this reduces their pressure if you do.

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