Job Hunt Alone?

I completely understand this sentiment. “you should do this alone“ is a message we somehow adapt. In my MBA program, I DID try to do it alone.

Feeling you need to do the job hunt alone? Here is where to be “alone” in the search makes the most sense:

  • You alone w/ an offer - the last one standing - of course. Or
  • 1x1 in an interview advocating for yourself.

Love it!

But trying to get there all alone is not pleasant.

A few wise friends can assist you to:

  • aim higher - really speak to your dream firms and not just random recruiters
  • stick with the job search - not let this or that feeling come up and then get stuck or give up
  • remove trial and error

At a minimum, speaking to someone just once is better than not at all.

Do you insist on doing the job hunt alone and
If so, why?


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