Networking 203

Losing my job as an executive, I had to job hunt again. Yes, frustrating and often depressing, and yet it brought an amazing insight: experienced professionals don’t know how to job hunt.

That was me, but that was also every other ex-CEO, ex-CFO, ex-CMO in my group job coaching training for executives.

The confusion about the job hunt extends beyond individuals. Entire companies are unsure how to find talent and when they do, it doesn’t stay long.

Wondering how unsure companies are? Just look at the extensive processes attached to each job post, and the grinder they run you through when you apply online.

Meanwhile, it was the chap who got to know the hiring manager a bit better than you did with not quite your skills that got the job.

Does that convince you that things are a bit mixed up?

Now, you could throw up your hands in frustration, or you could see this chaos as your opportunity.

Since people hire people, not your legal status or your GPA. It’s important to implement a process by which people can get to know you. This process is often referred to as “networking”.

Are people really getting to know you, and you, them, via your networking efforts?
Are you getting on video calls?
Or into corner coffee shops when you network?

People hire people, not legal status or GPAs.

Rather than just apply online, or network once and conclude “it doesn’t work”, turn this kind of chaos into your opportunity. Take my self-study Networking 203 course now to pin down exactly what networking is. Once you do, you’ll be getting more interviews than you know how to handle!


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