Interview Explosion Techniques: How To Get Interviews “On-Demand”


Networking: Tool to get interviews easily

Today, I wanted to peel out a small section of my four-day live training for you here because I thought this particular part on “interview explosion” is powerful, and I want you to make the progress that you wanna make in your life and in your career. 

Let’s start with, how do people systematically or at all get interviews with their dream firms? How do they do it? Are they just applying online? Are they doing some sort of social media trick? 

“Hiring comes down to this: decision-makers, meeting with you one-on-one.”

With that in mind, Interview explosion is possible: it's possible to generate interviews on-demand and in great numbers. 

Why? Let’s start with the basics: 

If you look at an interview, what is an interview? An interview is a process of getting someone to know you, like you, and then support you, simple, right? 

The support step is meant to be the “nod” that you will go to the next round or give you the offer, right? That is the next step in that process -  wherever it is for you.

Now, let's take a look at something else here: networking. What is 1x1 networking? 

Networking helps to get to like you, get to support you, and that support can be in the form of introductions or referrals or involvement in the interview process. 

Now let's look at these side by side. What is networking? What is interviewing? 

Both involve getting to know me, like me, and supporting me; but we see that actually networking is just a specific case of interviewing. 

When you network, you can also be invited to the interview process or to the next interview round. 

Just by having had that meeting, networking is interviewing. 

If we're sitting down together or we're over video together, we're exchanging information, right? The verbal part of the information exchange can move at about 100 words per minute, that's kind of how the verbal aspect of things works, but the mind works at around 500 words per minute - there's a big gap there. The brain is processing a lot more than just your words.

What's happening? We're making an evaluation, just like you're making an evaluation of me by watching this video. There's a judgment, there's an evaluation going on. 

“The same way happens when you are talking to someone, there is an interview happening even when you're networking.”

Will you get what you ask for in the networking process? Will somebody be willing to sell you into the firm after you meet with them? It does depend on your sales skills. 

Members of my program, Job Offer Roadmap, get trained on these big concepts, such as knowing that you can get interviews on-demand. You can have an interview explosion by understanding, networking just a little bit better, just tuning your process a little bit more, and getting those interviews and offer just through the networking. 

Now that we've established that networking equals interviewing if you are still thinking that networking doesn't work, I want you to try to change your mind, challenge yourself. 

Networking means reaching out to the decision-makers and some people forget that they don't realize that they can reach out to people beyond just the juniors or the recent grads or the recent alumni.

Yes, you can do it! We all want to work in a new team, get experience working with new people who are currently strangers to us, that's why we're doing all of this. If that's your goal, then you would also be very interested in reaching out to those decision-makers now and not pushing that process off way into the future. 

“The thing is... you don't need permission to do this. You just need to go out and get to know people, get them to know you and, and support you.”

When you do that, you are gonna make huge progress in your job hunt because it will result in an explosion of interview opportunities. I can guarantee it. 

The best part is that with that additional data, we're gonna be able to make that job offer predictable and create a system for you to get your dream offer.

If you haven’t yet, definitely jump into Job Offer Roadmap and learn all the big concepts you need to make your job hunt and future career success. The link to join is here

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