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J. Stuart Bradley

People Hire People, Not Resumes or GPAs or legal status


To get hired into a great firm, just do today what you want to be doing when you get paid:  communicate with other people. 

In the video below, I offer up 3 ways to take action so that you get hired


If you want to get a good overall sense of my core approach to and understanding of the job hunt without joining my email list or opting into anything, the videos below would be a fine starting point:

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"Thank you, Stuart, for always being so supportive and helpful."


"Before I came to Stuart, I only had experience in consulting and I had no idea how to break into the equity research industry.

With Stuart's help, I started to work with ER professionals on LinkedIn and learn experience on how to prepare for an ER job hunt.

I also followed a special training that Stuart curated for me to learn financial modeling skills and also write my research report.

I also practiced my stock pitch during the networking cost with those ER professionals.

Thanks to these preparations, I managed to get internship offers from China Merchants, Securities, and also CITIC Futures.

Yvonne L. (full video review here)


You want more interviews

Becuase you are busy with many things, you don't want all your time spent on applying. You want to be efficient in how you get interviews. 


Having great colleagues and bosses is important to you

You ARE interested in meeting new colleagues and bosses and you are doing your best to use the technology availabe to make that happen. 



Using CPT and/or OPT well is important to you

Sponsorship may or may not be your goal. You now you have CPT or OPT and you want to make the most of it.  


Family and friends: you want to make them proud

You see yourself as the steward and representative of where you came from. Making the people in your life who supported you proud is a goal, and you've been doing that as best you can via academics. Now you want to honor them through successful job hunting - but not just for any job - for a great job. Reason? Because you can. 


Just "waiting to hear back" is not your style. 

You're seeing people get great offers, then you're seeing the gap in your job hunt reslults and you know there's better results to be had. You are ready to upgrade your strategy now and in the future so that this world can really be experienced in the way you hope. You are not just planning to gradaute. You've got bigger plans than that. 

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"A very precious experience to apply what Stuart said to real-life scenarios."


"I wanna say how grateful I am to Stuart and he's very responsible, very professional in job hunting. His advice is always the most efficient, the most useful and also he has specific experience in the finance industry if you are interested. I'm glad that I chose to cooperate with him from the first (moment), and I think it's was a very wise decision. I look forward to creating more amazing results in the future in job or internship hunting by my cooperation with Stuart. I hope you guys have good luck in job searching. Thanks.

Louise L. (full video review)

More about Stuart

Stuart recently launched his Get Interviews NOW membership which is an affortable way to get real-world advice every week! 

  • Check-in with Stuart on your job hunt progress
  • Gain a group so you're not hunting alone
  • Lean on Stuart's unbounded optimsim about what is possible
  • Hone networking, interviewing and resume


"Stuart was a huge help. He advised me on my overall career path and provided me with tons of feedback as to how I should prepare.."

"If I did not, like, if I didn't have CA and your support, what would happen is that I wouldn't know how powerful networking was or how you know to what extent you should network, how you should craft those emails. So networking with American people is different. Networking with some Indian American people is different. Networking with alumni from UC Berkeley or from IIT there, you know, it's very subtly different from each other. And, I think, career growth is 50%, 60% of your performance and 40% your networking and ability to understand what kind of opportunities are available. Want the same great insights about yourself and your career path?

Dhananjay K. (full video testimonial)

What we have here could be for you

  • You'd like experience related to your major. Whether you stay in the US or build your career back home, you know with experience your life will change in a meaningful way. 


  • You want to join a top firm and not have sponsorship issues impact your job hunt.  


  • Are not great at networking. You love academics and like people, too, but the prospect of reaching out to strangers is a bit scary.


  • Keep putting off your job hunt. You want to get started just don't know how. As a result, you don't start.  


  • "Hearing back" is hard. You're diligently applying but not seeing the results you expected. 


  • Like the idea that you can get any job, anywhere. You don't feel limited by anything. You want to make sure you reach your potential. 

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