Finding the right career path and creating a system


NAME: Wesley O.

NICHE: Financial Analyst



Wesley came to Stuart in the hope of getting an investment banking internship. Stuart’s system taught him not just how to get the job, but also to gain clarity leading him to specify his target market more and be able to create his own system. Now, he is even more confident with the career path he has taken. Capstone Headwaters is one of the best working experiences he could ever have.


Stuart was a huge help. He advised me on my overall career path and provided me with tons of feedback as to how I should prepare.



In the beginning of 2018, I messaged Stuart and I started to work with him. He did a lot to help me. For example, he helped me to do the job research in a systematic way. He teaches me who is the one that I really want to connect with and the way to connect with them. So I ended up with an internship in an investment bank. I am very grateful for that and I just wanna say Stuart is really helpful. His advice will be very helpful for my home career. So, I really recommend you guys to work with him and so I believe that you can find a right career path as well. Thank you!