Your StuartSystem Job Hunt Starter Kit 

I’ve done my best to put together a virtual, ‘Welcome to the neighborhood’ gift basket for you containing some of my best stuff. I chose an image of two people in conversation becuase that's what's meaningful you: to be in the right rooms, with the right people, having the right conversations.

My view is that you've already got what it takes to get hired: 

✔️ you are willing to work hard

✔️you are willing to gain experience

✔️ you are willing to take on responsibility

Now, it's time to introduce a system, perhaps my StuartSystem, to that each job hunt step builds upon the last and magic can happen.   

So, what will you get in his free basket of stuff? 

Sign-up below and you will get these 4 things: 

The full footage of my live masterclass on how to succeed in the job hunt. 

This particular one was recorded taking Data Analytics and Data Science job offers as the focus, but could apply equally to getting hired into consulting, engineering and finance roles. 

It’s the 30,000 foot view of the world of successful professional communications for all those who have not had a chance to hear the right messages yet.

In it you will learn about:

  • Why companies hire
  • How to brand yourself so the best companies want you
  • What the new model of job hunting looks like
  • The 3 job hunt superpowers

A series of carefully crafted Starter Kit lessons delving deeper into:

Resumes that work


Networking that feels right

Applying Online



This is my most up-to-date thinking on the job hunt for international students. 

For joining my email list, you’ll get a discount code worth 10% off any of my courses. These cover, at the moment, perfecting the resume, intro to networking, messaging, and my "big concepts" course, Job Offer Roadmap.  

Who the heck needs to be on another email list? I get it.

Let me offer my voice of optimism for your job hunt and welcome you to join me on email.   Expect an email or two per week from me to keep you up to date on my live events, new videos, products and observations. 


My open rate has been going up over the past few years because it’s getting better and better. I’m really proud of this email newsletter.

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I hope you enjoy.




p.s: you can get any job you want. People hire people, not resumes or GPAs or legal status