Work with me: what you get 

Clarity and confidence,  interviews, and offers!

What we'll cover: anything on your mind, including how to start, how to identify interests, what the "chances are" of success and your mindset. You will come away with ideas and plans for the next 1-3-6 months and 1-2 years. I will probably help you aim higher or get more accurate with your aim. Or we will set an aim!  

Unlimited resume reviews

When I'm done with your resume, you will discover a "new you". You'll be armed with results and outcomes you didn't know you had already achieved.  The resume will meet elite professional standards. Then I will offer ongoing edits as needed for free, even though  most will charge $500 each session.


Mock Interviews

Got an interview? Let's prepare you to pass it!   I give you pointers on your body language, responses, confidence level. You'll get a recording of it all, too.

Mock Networking

How to get a referral. How to lead a networking call. How to "close" the call. How to stay in touch. You and I can work through a mock networking session together. You'll get a recording of it all. 

Offer Negotiation

How about a 20% pay raise before you start? We will confidentially review your offer, analyze the market range and prepare you with data and the best strategy to negotiation.

Next step: Explore the Career Accelerator Program 

If you are looking to apply the concepts of optimal job hunting (outstanding offer, good mental health), and accomplish the result within weeks, consider applying for program. Led by me, this training can deliver offers in a matter of a few days or weeks.

Check out the Career Accelerator Program