Hey, I'm Stuart, and I'd like your dream offer to become a reality. I help attain this outcome in 6-12 weeks via my Career Accelerator program.

Me in a nutshell: 

$300 million hedge fund assets managed
$9 billion operational assets managed 
40,000 employees managed in portfolio firms
Director, Top 10 hedge fund
Head of Asia, Scottrade

Founded public tech company (AMEX:SNT)

Wharton, MBA

Princeton, BA

Father, spouse, supporter of international students

The StuartSystem™  teaches you how to get interviews and offers... even if you're just beginning w/out prior experience or network... and I've build that as a central part of the Career Accelerator™ Program. 


A short "hi" from my living room.

Watch this 2min video about the "accelerator effect" that will get you interviews and offers. 

What Stuart teaches is good for fresh grads and MDs alike.- DJ Kamat, AI and ML Engineer

I recommend his method to you guys. He's a kind coach. I hope you can join! Ariel, Supply Chain

I recommend working with Stuart. He's been in our shoes! - Brendan, Valuation

Stuart's Career Accelerator is how to START and FINISH the job hunt within 6-12 weeks with Stuart's attentive support: 

  • Guiding you and answering all your questions in real-time using the RMS system
  • Re-inventing: letting go of the old and inviting in a powerful new mindset
  • Perfect resumes and cover letters: create and customize efficiently
  • Strategies for sponsorship that actually work
  • How hear back every time you apply
  • Professional branding which fits  you
  • What to do on LinkedIn for referrals
  • Interviews-on-demand
  • How to network well
  • Negotiate offers

12-wk Career Acceleratorâ„¢ Intensive with StuartSystemâ„¢ Inside

Step-by-step exactly what to do

(see reviews) 


Start with my signature Job Offer Roadmap. This will teach you all the "big concepts" that no one is talking about. 

THEN: Dive into the Accelerator!

  • Unheard-of! 24/7 1x1 live Rapid Messaging Support (RMS) to address any job hunt issue
  • Career Accelerator™ Online with StuartSystem™
  • 1x1 Live Video Office Hours
  • 14-day trial. 100% money back if not happy after you sign up
  • You will get offers by following this process - from firms you love
Apply via Free Career Strategy Call with Stuart